Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's A Wonderful World

I remember a time when people used to put their thoughts into journals and diaries, and nobody ever read them until long after that person died and his stuff was auctioned off to pay his gambling debts. How lucky you all are! You get to read my thoughts, and then congratulate me on my rapier wit, in person.

I was watching a commercial for a new TV show called MXC Wipeout last night. Contestants in the show run through a ridiculous obstacle course, and get smacked around in ways that most TV contestants would benefit from. For example, if I were an executive at ABC, I would devote a whole episode to beating the bejeesus out of this woman.

Maybe we can have a Beat-a-thon, where kids with leukemia get money every time they muster up the strength to kick this woman in the face.
Seriously, when did it become OK to say the truth on national television?

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