Thursday, June 5, 2008

The International Tweecore Underground

I will admit to a fondness for unusual band names. Belle & Sebastian, Aesop Rock, Camera Obscura, Gorillaz, and The Pipettes got a first listen from me solely on the merit of having interesting names. If the greatest band on Earth decided to call itself "John's Rock Band," I would probably miss out.

Los Campesinos! caught my attention the same way, but they kept it with a mix of catchy melodies and enthusiastic, upbeat vocals. Plus, they've taken the interesting names concept a step further: Every member of the band legally changed their name to Campesinos!, including the exclamation point.

The first song I heard was a catchy one called "Please Don't Tell Me To Do The Math," which I thought was ironic, seeing as I go to a tech school. You can download it free from their website, and I guarantee that the rest of the album is just as brilliant.

Here's the first track off the new album, Hold On Now, Youngster. Its called "Death to Los Campesinos!," and its pretty representative of what you're going to hear on the album, so if you like this song, buy it!

Tragically, she really did die of her unicorn-inflicted wounds.

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